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Charge(s): Guns, drugs, and breach charges
Location: Chatham, Ontario
Our Client(s): Mr. M
Year: 2021
Lawyer: Justin Marchand
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Please Note: Past results not predictive of future results.

The Background

Mr. M was detained by police following the execution of a search warrant. The warrant for the premises allowed police to search widely. A large quantity of drugs was located. Guns were located, too. Mr. M was held for a bail hearing. Because Mr. M had already been charged and released for other charges, there were significant obstacles to getting Mr. M released from custody.

Crown Position

The Crown strongly opposed release. The Crown argued that the presence of drugs and guns, together, suggested that Mr. M was implicitly violent and too dangerous to release during litigation.

The Goals

Get Mr. M released from custody with reasonable terms.

The Strategy

Mr. M had no criminal record and a legitimate home business. The goal for bail was to permit Mr. M to continue working without undue hardship. Nonetheless, the combination of drugs and guns charges, together, did require a restrictive bail plan. The bar to release was high.

Mr. Marchand devised a two-fold plan: Mr. M would have a close friend and neighbour supervise Mr. M as a surety. In addition to a surety, Mr. M would receive an ankle bracelet with GPS monitoring.

The Results

Mr. M was ordered released from custody.


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