“In 2015, I was involved in an accident which the guilty party took-off. After the police officer wrongly charged me with Careless Driving, I was both angry and bewildered as I lost faith in the justice system. I knew that I needed professional help from a top-notch law firm specializing in traffic violations, particularly, quasi-criminal charges such as careless driving. After searching the internet for some time, I came to feel strongly that Aitken Robertson would best serve my needs. Their wesbite  professional and informative, but from a prospective client’s point-of-view it was still a leap-of-faith.

Mark Cardy, a paralegal with Aitken Robertson, put all my concerns to rest. His professionalism, enthusiasm, and extensive knowledge of the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) eased my legal concerns. Just as important, Mark’s intimate knowledge of the court system and the way it operates is crucial to the outcome of any court case.

I was determined to fight my ticket before the courts, and Mark began preparing a comprehensive legal file to advocate my case. During the process, Mark’s sharp trained legal eyes found that the Crown Attorney’s case lacked proper evidence. Comprehending the legalese involve is beyond the average layperson but Mark certainly understood it and he exploited it to the max to my benefit. My case was withdrawn. I won – happy days!

Anyone fighting an HTA charge, particularly a serious one or even minor one, where the stakes of the outcome is critical, should definitely call Mark Cardy. His extensive knowledge of the HTA and his vast court experience is beyond reproach. In additional, Aitken Robertson is a law firm with professional lawyers on staff should your case require their input.

Don’t fight your tickets alone; get Mark Cardy and Aitken Robertson onto your winning team.” –P.L.