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Brampton Criminal Lawyers


We offer free 30-minute initial consultations to individuals in Brampton. Our criminal defence lawyers are available to review your case with you.

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Criminal Allegations in Brampton

If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Brampton, our team of legal professionals are equipped to help you. Below are some of the criminal offences that we can defend against:

impaired driving

Drinking and Driving (Impaired Driving)

In Canada, including regions of Ontario such as Brampton, drinking and driving or impaired driving are criminal offences that involve driving while either having a blood alcohol concentration that is over the legal limit or simply being impaired by alcohol, or both. Driving while impaired by anything, is illegal. Fines, jail time, loss of driving licence, and other penalties are the consequences that can follow if found guilty of this offence.

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ontario domestic assault charges

Sex Assault

Sex assault in Brampton and other cities in Ontario is defined by unwanted sexual activity. The offence not only covers unwanted sexual intercourse, but also any touching, or groping of someone in a sexual manner without the person’s consent. This is a major criminal offence. If found guilty, significant penalties will ensue.

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Child Sex Crimes

Child Sex Assault & Sexual Interference

Child sex assault related charges arise when sexual acts involve children. Some of the charges in this category include sexual assault, sexual interference, an invitation to sexual touching, and sexual exploitation. Generally, a person under 16 cannot “consent” to any sexual activity.

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Bail Hearings in Ontario

Bail Hearings

In some cases, a person charged with a crime will not be released from the station to await the outcome of the case in court, but will instead be held in custody for a bail hearing. The bail hearing will determine if the accused person can remain at liberty while the case is processed by the criminal justice system. Not getting released on bail means remaining in custody while the case is working its way through the court process. You only get one shot at a bail hearing.

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suspended liscence

Driving While Prohibited

Driving while prohibited or driving while disqualified, means driving after being prohibited from doing so by a criminal court. (The prohibition usually also triggers a provincial driver’s licence suspension). A conviction for driving while prohibited will result in an increased period of prohibition and licence suspension and probably jail time.

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In criminal law, a “breach” is a violation of a condition that is either in a probation order imposed when someone is convicted, or is in a form of release (bail or undertaking/recognizance) pending the outcome of a case. The breach itself constitutes an additional criminal offence and generally results in serious penalties, including jail.

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break and enter

Break and Enter and Property Crimes

In Canadian cities such as Brampton, “Break and Enter” is the act of breaking and entering into a place with an intent to commit an indictable offence or actually committing an indictable offence in the place entered. Property crimes are criminal acts against another person’s property for example, motor vehicle theft or arson.

young offenders

Young Offenders

In Canada, criminal offences committed by young people under the age of 18, are dealt with under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). While the offences with which young people under 18 can be charged are the same as for adults, the processes of the criminal justice system and the potential consequences, are different for young people.

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sexual assault

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault in Brampton and other Ontario regions is an act of violence against a family member or a significant other. Domestic assault is distinguishable from common assault, as there is a “breach of trust” that occurs. If convicted you can face probation, fines, or imprisonment.

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internet crimes

Internet Crimes

In Ontario cities such as Brampton internet crimes, computer crimes, or cybercrimes are offences that occur online. These crimes utilize devices such as tablets, computers, smartphones or other technological instruments. These devices and a network are used to carry out the offence. A few of the crimes classified under this offence include revenge porn, child pornography, and cyber-bullying.

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sexual assault charges

Assaults and Threats

Assault is the act of applying force intentionally, directly or indirectly, to another person without that person’s consent. Accosting or impeding another person, or begging, while openly carrying a weapon or an imitation weapon is also an assault.

A subset of assaults is the offence of Uttering Threats which is committed when someone knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat: to cause death or bodily harm; to burn destroy or damage property; or, to kill poison or injure an animal belonging to any person.

There are different types of assault including:

The penalties will be dependent on the type and severity of the assault.

stunt driving

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving, or more correctly: “Dangerous Operation,” is when someone operates a vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public. This is a serious offence that carries the potential for severe penalties.

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drug charges


Drug charges would involve the supplying, importing, exporting, growing, manufacturing, trafficking or possessing of those substances listed in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). The CDSA lists both hard and soft drugs, including heroin, cocaine, “magic mushrooms,” marijuana (in quantities above a certain amount) as well as other substances including precursors to listed drugs. If convicted on a drug charge in Brampton, you will face penalties that may include imprisonment.

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weapon charges


There are many types of weapons offences as the use of firearms in particular is highly regulated in Canada. Besides the more obvious offences such as using firearms to harm others or possessing illegal firearms, there are also offences that capture the unsafe handling of legally owned firearms.

Other objects are also classified as weapons as for example brass knuckles or flick knives. An item that may have a perfectly legitimate use, such as a knife, can in some circumstances be considered a weapon. Convictions for weapons charges in Brampton, and elsewhere in Ontario usually result in severe penalties.


Aitken Robertson Criminal Law Office in Brampton

Our Brampton location is one of Aitken Robertson’s meeting places. Located just a 4 minute walk away from the local Ontario Court of Justice on Hurontario Street, our location is conveniently located with ample parking to serve your specific needs.

Potential clients who visit our Brampton meeting place will be working closely with Tarinpal Dhaliwal. Our lawyers have worked numerous DUI cases, including cases where clients are alleged to refuse or fail to provide a breath sample. Additionally, we have experience working on cases include assault, sex assault, fraud, theft, mischief, breaches, voyeurism, harassment, and Section 11(b) applications for undue delay. Additionally, all of our firm’s lawyers are supported by a network of over twenty lawyers, paralegals, clerks, administrators and students. All of our locations also use the advice and support from our founding lawyer, Richard Aitken, who has over 35 years of criminal defence experience.

Aitken Robertson believes all those who face charges deserve quality, experienced criminal defence regardless of their finances. That’s why we offer free 30-minute consultations, flat rate billing, and interest-free payment plans.

During a free 30-minute consultation a member of our team will discuss the facts of your case with you. These discussions will be protected under lawyer-client confidentiality. We will later inform you about what outcomes you can expect, as well as potential costs. We want you to have all the information necessary to decide to retain us or not.

Instead of paying by the hour, our firm uses a flat rate billing system. Rather than adding up all the time spent working on your case at the very end (which makes the bill unknown until then) we give you a flat rate upfront, and that will be the cost regardless of how many hours we put in. To this end, even if we do happen work more than what we expected initially, the bill remains the same. Any unknown fees will also not be added on.

Our firm also offers interest-free payment plans if you have any concerns about payment. Rather than paying the entire amount in one or two lump sums, you can make smaller instalments over a period of time, such as over weeks or months. We can create a custom plan to suit each client based on their financial situation and do not charge any interest. Simply put, the overall amount will be the same regardless if you pay everything upfront, or over a period of time.

If you are facing criminal or provincial charges in the Brampton area, reach out to us at 2 County Court Blvd, Suite 400, or call us to book your free 30-minute consultation. We offer meets by “Zoom” or “Google Meet”, and will be happy to discuss your matter with you. Retaining us after a satisfactory meeting will allow us to start building your defence as soon as possible.

Our Team In Brampton

Being charged with a criminal allegation has its implications. Consequences such as imprisonment, fines, and other significant penalties can follow. Fortunately, our team of criminal defence lawyers in Brampton is available to offer legal support. We understand how discouraging and upsetting it can be to be criminally charged. Therefore, we want to help.

Our team of legal professionals have extensive legal education and training. We work hard to remain up-to-date on any new regulations, protocols and procedures.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve a suitable resolution. Our team of legal experts work cooperatively to gather all supporting documents and information related to your case. If you are considering choosing us as your legal representatives, why not start by contacting us for a free 30-minute consultation?

At our law office, what matters to you matters to us. We provide affordable payment options that can be tailored to all financial situations. That means that you can afford to get the legal support that you need. Our criminal lawyers in Brampton look forward to speaking with you.

Edmund Chan - Criminal Lawyer

Edmund Chan

Sole Practitioner Lawyer Affiliated with Aitken Robertson
Susan Cornett

Susan Cornett

Financial Administrative Assistant

Court Information for Criminal Offences in Brampton

In Brampton, criminal offences are heard at Brampton’s Ontario Court of Justice. This courthouse is located at: 7755 Hurontario St. in Brampton, Ontario. The hours of operation here are Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5pm.

Due to COVID-19 and the protocols that have been implemented, court is not operating regularly. Instead, hearings are being held online as individuals are advised not to go to court. However, should you need to travel here, parking is available onsite.

If you are feeling hungry while visiting, here are some nearby restaurants:

  • Get Grill – Offering dishes that are Afro-Asian inspired such as suya steak, stir fry chicken and shrimp,
  • Fanzorelli’s Restaurant & Wine Bar – Serving Italian dishes such as mushroom linguine, parmigiano, pesto chicken and additional foods
  • Chilli Chicken House – Offering Hakka food such as pepper paneer, chicken chow mein, fish pakora, along with other menu items

Crime in Brampton

Brampton is a suburban city located in the Greater Toronto Area. It has a population of 593,638 according to the 2016 census. Not only is it a very populated area today, it can also boast a notable history.

An agreement titled Ajetance Purchase or Treaty 19 was signed in 1818 granting 2,622 km2 of Mississauga land to the Crown.1  It was signed by James Ajetance, chief of the Mississaugas of the Credit with the British colonial government.2

From 1820 onwards, British settlers arrived in Brampton. As the years progressed, the area developed and in 1858 the Grand Trunk Railway arrived, further spurring economic development.

In 1867, Brampton was chosen as the location for Peel County’s Government. Then in 1873, Brampton was incorporated as a town.3

While conducting a review during the 1960s, the Province of Ontario could see that Peel County was growing rapidly but its 10 municipal governments varied greatly in their abilities. In an effort to improve governance, the decision for amalgamation was made.4

Consequently, the City of Brampton was created to include the Town of Brampton, the southern half of Chinguacousy Township, and portions of the Town of Mississauga and Toronto Gore Township.Mississauga, and Caledon were also created during this time.6

Today, Brampton continues to be a vibrant city opening its doors to a range of cultures and persons of various ethnic backgrounds. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the Canada.

How Safe is Brampton?

If several people in Brampton were to be asked how safe they feel living in this town, different responses would be given. However, over the past few years, Brampton has witnessed an increase in violence and crime.

The Bramptonist, in its article titled “Here’s How Brampton Ranks in Terms of Safety”7 detailed the specifics mentioned in “Canada’s Most Dangerous Places 2020”released by Maclean’s.

Based on its Crime Severity Index (CSI) of 50, Brampton & Mississauga were rated 161 out of the 237 urban areas evaluated.

For the rate of increase in crime, Brampton and Mississauga were ranked 97th. These two combined ranked higher than Toronto, which was ranked 101st for its crime rate increase. However, unlike Toronto, Brampton and Mississauga have seen a more significant rise in crime over the past five years.

Which Crimes Are the Most Common in Brampton?

Within the same article published by the Bramptonist, the number of incidents of certain categories of crime were compared to the Canadian average. For instance, it was stated that homicide, assault, and sexual assault were categories that negatively influenced the crime statistics compared to other categories in which rates decreased, such as break and enter and youth crimes. reports the latest crimes for the area.  The latest reports are of crimes such as dangerous driving, stunt driving, robberies, shootings, property crime, assault, and theft.

What Is Being Done to Implement Safety in Brampton?

Over the past few years, Brampton has seen a remarkable rise in crime. The assumption held by many experts is that influences such as “poverty and economic deprivation”9 have had their impact on this increase. However, Peel Police Sergeant Joseph Cardi suggests that “family conditions, drugs, peer pressure, unemployment, and the desire for control, revenge, or power” may also be factors.10

In an effort to combat crime in Brampton, several community safety developments have been initiated. These have been formed to assist in minimizing criminal activity in the city. One initiative is the Brampton Community Safety Advisory Committee,11 consisting of 8-16 members from various areas and organizations of Brampton.

Representatives from Peel Regional Police, Peel Public Health, Peel Region District School Board and other organizations make up the committee. They aim to “raise awareness, advise, and stimulate action to serve as a resource to the Council on matters of community safety in the City of Brampton.”12

Other community groups such as the Neighbourhood Watch Program were also present in Brampton though in 2020 the program lost its funding.13 However, community groups such as the Brampton Safe City Association still exist, working within the community to promote safety.14


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What Our Brampton Clients Have Said

Brittany Z.
I hired Aitken Robertson law firm after I was falsely accused of theft by Walmart. Tarinpal Dhaliwal was my lawyer and he was able to have all charges withdrawn completely in only a couple court dates! I was never allowed by the OPP to state my side of the story so Tarinpal stepped in without hesitation to plead my case. I suffered some severe anxiety through all of this and he was very reassuring the whole time and contacted me right away when I had any questions or concerns. I am very happy to have decided to hire Tarinpal through all of this, he is very good at what he does!
Thanks to Tarinpal Dhaliwal & team, I was able to have my bail conditions changed, followed by all of my charges withdrawn. Communication was great and Tarin will handle your case with diligence. I made it clear during our consultation that I needed all the charges withdrawn in order to have a clear record for school and he was able to accomplish that.Susie is extremely helpful with billing, offering payment plans, and gave me some extra time when I really needed it.Facing serious criminal charges & knowing the crown is seeking jail time can be scary but having a good team defending me made that process much easier. Thank you.
Sashana W.
I have a great experience at this firm ,my case was handled by Tarinpal and I didn’t have to attend court not even once .once retained they start working right away and at no point I felt alone and they charge a very fair price compare to others
Tarindal Dhaliwal represented me in my recent DUI case. I was very worried about having a criminal record and all the related implications. Tarindal worked tirelessly, negotiating with the Crown to have those charges dropped and a more palatable deal struck. I thank him dearly for this outcome and all the effort he put forth to resolve my issue. I greatly recommend both him and the Aitken Robertson team to represent you when legal representation is needed.
I had the opportunity to have Tarinpal Dhaliwal (Tarin) represent me in my case. It was a super challenging time both mentally and financially for me, but I am grateful for the life lesson especially as since the it could have been worst. Tarin is super knowledgeable and was responsive in all our interactions. His hard work was even more evident when the judge explained what penalties would have been if i did have such great representation from Tarin. Tarin in simply the best defense/support one could have. Thanks Tarin
Yudhveer S.
Tarinpal Dhaliwal has handled my case very professionally and provided best result possible as promised in the beginning. I never had my emails or calls unanswered. They always reach back. Make me understand all the aspects of case, while having brief discussions. Junaid Bakshi always helped and reached out to elaborate case related inquiries along with case progress. They are Professional, experienced, knowledgeable and responsive. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Worldtrade P.
Tarinpal Dhaliwal of Aitken Robertson did an outstanding job representing me on a criminal matter. I was charged with 2 assault charges in June of 2021 and Tarinpal’s diligence resulted in both counts being acquitted at Trial this week. He did an excellent job with his submissions and put the puzzle pieces together to maintain my innocence. Tarinpal was always extremely responsive with our communication and never left me in the dark about what was going on. It was a pleasure to work with you!Joseph Davies
Patsy F A.
I, Mobarak Ally, and my family would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Mr. Tarinpal Dhaliwal and Junaid Bakshi for handling my court case in such a professional manner and was able to help me get my freedom. Mr. Dhaliwal dealt with the Crown and the Judge in a very soft and compassionate manner.On behalf of Aitken Robertson we wish to thank all those that assisted in bringing my case to a favourable end. Excellent professionalism. Thanks again.SincerelyMobarak Ally
Wesley T.
I was represented by Tarinpal after being wrongfully charged. It being my first time (and hopefully last) getting charged with a criminal offence I was very uncertain about what to expect. Tarin made me feel like I was in good hands by keeping me informed and having answers to all my questions. My matter concluded with the best possible outcome, my charges had been withdrawn. I appreciate the hard work put into my case. Thank you, Tarin.
Anders I.
I had the pleasure of having Tarinpal Dhaliwal as my defence attorney. He was tremendously hard working and knowledgeable in his field as well as respectful and compassionate. He handled a particularly delicate/difficult case with ease and was able to navigate me through my situation and into a direction that had the most beneficial outcome. There is no doubt in my mind that if I hadn't been working with Tarinpal, things easily could have gone in a far different trajectory. My experience with Aitken Robertson has been 11/10 thanks to this magician of a lawyer, and I would recommend this firm (and specifically this lawyer) to anyone going through criminal legal proceedings. The service provided was awesome, and you'd be very hard pressed to find anything close to this for the same price.Thank you Tarinpal, you're an artist of the highest degree, who works skillfully and tirelessly to stay dynamic and ahead of the curve in his field.
Rahel M.
My experience with Tarinpal Dhaliwal was moreeeee than awesome. My case was VERY severe and when I mean severe, I mean a criminal record and for sure jail time, and he got all of my charges withdrawn within less than a few months. He was amazing at communicating with me every step of the way, and made me feel like everything was going to be taken care of. I feel extremely happy about the outcome he got for me and didn’t see it possible.I am so happy with the fees I was charged as well because I thought it was going to cost an arm and a leg, which it didn’t.I will always look to Tarin to handle any of my legal matters as I know it will be handled with the best possible outcome! I’m so happy and stress free thanks to him.
Julia L.
Tarinpal Dhaliwal was able to advocate on my behalf and had my criminal charges completely withdrawn. I'm very thankful for their hardwork. He was able to get me the best results imaginable. I was always kept up to date on my case and the fees were very reasonable. I appreciated the fact that I was able to make payments.
ian P.
Tarinpal Dhaliwal has a bright future . He was very professional, personable, responsive and non judgemental. Two questionable cases were resolved satisfactorily. As he progresses in his career, I hope he can convince the provincial police to replace heavy handedness with common sense.Tarinpal demonstrated persuasive and effective representation. Richard Aitken shouldn’t let this guyget away - as stated above, Tarinpal has a bright future to look forward to. All the best!Ian George
Mitch B.
I would highly recommend Tarinpal Dhaliwal with Aitken Robertson. I had no idea what to do when I heard I needed a lawyer, the first one I called wasn’t even the right kind of lawyer but with some help I found Tarinpal. I was immediately relieved when I first spoke to him as he spoke with confidence when telling me that he could help me. I had three nasty charges lingering over my head which are now completely withdrawn, when times got tough in court, so did my lawyer! He fought for me and won. Tarinpal was always keeping me posted on my matter and assuring me I would be fine and he was right, now I feel great to be completely….COMPLETELY charge free. Big thanks!
Johnson G.
With the help of Tarinpal Dhaliwal, i was able to beat all 3 of my cases that were held in 3 different regions concurrently. he made sure to go out of his way to ensure i was fully up to date with everything going on in my cases and was very patient and understanding of my financial situation at the time. Thankfully we were able to work together and achieve Outstanding results. 10/10 service
Harawal N.
I would highly recommend Tarinpal Dhaliwal and this law firm. Tarinpal defended a case in which he got multiple charges withdrawn.I would like to thank Tarinpal for his level of commitment throughout the whole process. Tarinpal was quick to act, responsive at all times, and demonstrated professionalism at every level. It was a pleasure working with Tarinpal and I would highly recommend him to anyone facing legal trouble!
Nadine C.
I would like to say a huge thank you to Tarinpal Dhaliwal and the legal team at Aitken Robertson.Tarinpal Dhaliwal was able to successfully resolve my mother’s case by having her criminal charge withdrawn. He wasted no time to start the court proceedings, and tied up the case in the minimum delay possible before the next court appearance. Thus the legal fees were reduced from the original quotation.He was very knowledgeable and extremely professional at all times. He was responsive, promptly returned e-mails and phone calls, and provided frequent updates throughout the process.My mother is very pleased with the outcome and grateful to Tarinpal Dhaliwal. We would highly recommend him for his legal services as he would strive to obtain the optimal results. Thank You!
I would highly recommend this law firm in particular working with Tarinpal Dhaliwal has been a real pleasure, thanks to his experience I was able to receive the absolute best result in court by having my assault with weapon charges completely withdrawn. During this process I was consistently updated on proceedings and I was also able to rest assured that my case was in good hands.The best lawyer I have ever worked with and I would totally recommend him to anyone facing charges!

Recent Brampton Cases & Success Stories

CASE STUDY: Domestic Assault in Milton

The complainant alleged that the accused had slapped him multiple times on various parts of his face, causing him to retreat to the bathroom and call 911.

CASE STUDY: Charges Domestic assault and Mischief under $5,000.00 Client: Mr. S

The client’s primary objective was to resolve the charges in a manner that would not jeopardize his FAST PASS status.

CASE STUDY: Impaired Driving, Over 80, Criminal Harassment in Brampton

In order to negotiate a plea deal with the Crown, our lawyer aimed to raise doubt regarding the Crown’s reasonable prospect of conviction in this case.

CASE STUDY: Fraud Charges in Kitchener

The goal was to have the matter resolved such that the client would not get a criminal conviction and the charges would not appear on her criminal record.

CASE STUDY: Theft, Mischief Charges in Brampton

The client’s goal was to resolve the charges in a way that would not harm her chances at being successful in her permanent residency application. For this, any result leading to no criminal conviction would have been advantageous.

CASE STUDY: Stay of Proceedings – Possession of a Controlled Substance

This case showcases the way a criminal charge can drag on, consuming the accused’s life for months, all while the accused is still presumed innocent.


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