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Belleville Criminal Law Office

Defending the Good People of Belleville

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Belleville Criminal Law Office

Aitken Robertson
199 Front Street, Suite 201
Belleville, Ontario
K8N 5N5

Aitken Roberston Criminal Law Office in Belleville

Located a mere 250 meters from Belleville’s Quinte Courthouse, Aitken Robertson brings together experienced and effective legal practice and convenience.

Meet with us for a free 30 minute consultation if you’ve received any criminal or provincial offence charge, including:

  • Driving Offences: including driving under the influence, criminal negligence in the operation of a motor vehicle, dangerous driving, stunt driving.
  • Assault: including assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm and aggravated assault.
  • Domestic Assault
  • Sexual Offences: including sexual assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm, aggravated sexual assault, sexual harassment, and child pornography.
  • Drug Offences: including possession, trafficking, cultivation, production and importing.
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Mischief

We can also help with:

Our firm believes fees should be transparent and legal services should be affordable. We use a flat fee billing system, which means you’ll know up front what the cost of your defence will be. That way you don’t have to worry about hourly billing or unexpected prices. We also recognize that it’s hard to pay the full cost of legal services at once, which is why we offer an interest free payment plan. We’ll speak with you about your unique financial situation to set up a plan that works for you so that you can focus on fighting the charges, rather than the fees.

Meet with us in our new offices located at 199 Front St, just east of the river.

Belleville Criminal Law Office
What One of Our Lindsay Clients Has Said About Us

What One of Our Lindsay Clients Has Said About Us

“The team at Aitken Robertson are absolutely top drawer. Their rare combination of compassion and professionalism are exactly what I needed to guide me through a process that without them would have been frightening, confusing and overwhelming. I felt not only that I was in the best legal hands, but that I was treated with respect, warmth and dignity. The topnotch individuals at Aiken Robertson were definitely essential to the absolutely satisfying outcome of my situation and peace of mind. Make the call – I cannot recommend their services highly enough!”

–W., Aitken Robertson Client

Our Team In Belleville

Richard Aitken - Criminal Lawyer

Richard Aitken

Lawyer and Founder
Lawyer and company founder Richard J. Aitken handles cases in several jurisdictions and periodically oversees the Belleville office. Mr. Aitken has been practicing law for over three decades with an emphasis on drinking and driving offences.

Virginia Dolinska - Criminal Lawyer Ottawa

Virginia Dolinska

Lawyer Virginia Dolinska completed her articling year after law school with Aitken Robertson and joined the team as a lawyer afterword. A graduate of the University of Ottawa for both her undergraduate double major in criminology and history and law school, Virginia services Belleville as well as Kingston and Ottawa.

Julie Belaire

Julie Belaire

Law Clerk
Julie Belaire is a graduate of Algonquin College’s law clerk program with nearly 2 decades of experience. Julie worked in various legal practices before finding herself settled in criminal law and ultimately joined Aitken Robertson in 2019. With her children out of the house Julie enjoys evenings with her husband watching horror movies, camping and spoiling their two dogs and two cats.

Belleville Criminal Law Resources

Belleville Legal Aid Clinic

If you are unable to obtain legal services financially, Belleville Legal Aid Clinic offers free legal services to residents of Belleville.

15 Bridge St W
Belleville, ON
K8P 3H3
Telephone: (416) 979-2352

Municipal/Provincial Offences

If you have a question or concern about traffic tickets or other provincial or municipal offences, contact the Belleville Municipal/Provincial offences office.

235 Pinnacle St, 3rd Floor
Belleville, ON
K8N 3A9
Telephone: (613) 966 0331
Fax: (613) 966-7045

Belleville’s Quinte Court House

The Quinte Court House serves as the primary court facility for Belleville, as well as the office of the Crown Attorney

Superior Court of Justice
Civil (tel): 613-962-9106
Criminal(tel): 613-962-9106
Enforcement(tel): 613-962-9106
Small Claims(tel): 613-962-9106
Family(tel): 613-962-3106

Ontario Court of Justice
Criminal (tel): 613-962-9106

Ontario Victims Services
Tel: 613-962-3005
Fax: 613-962-3225
Toll Free: 1-866-296-0165

Crown Attorney
Tel: 613-962-0772
Fax: 613-968-6095

Accessibility Site Coordinator
Tel: 613-962-9106 ext: 2067 or 2001

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are you going to do to defend me?

    That depends on what you’re charged with, the facts, and the evidence. If you schedule a free 30-minute consultation our staff can tell you what your options for defence are and the cost associated with it. If you can’t make a consultation in person let us know and we’d be happy to do one by telephone.

  • Is there parking near the Quinte Court House?

    Yes! Parking at the courthouse is free. If needed, the side streets around the courthouse are typically free for parking as well.

  • Where in the Quinte Court House can I find the court rooms?

    The court rooms are all on the upper floors of the building.

  • What do I need to know before I come to court?

    The Quinte Court House has a security check at the front entrance. Make sure you don’t bring anything with you that would cause concern. If you’ve signed the paperwork allowing us to represent you, you won’t have to go into court for most of the administrative work, only for specific events (such as a plea or if the case goes to trial). We’ll keep you updated and let you know if you need to appear in court.

  • Where can I get food near the Quinte Court House or the Aitken Robertson office?

    There is a Dairy Queen just a few minutes south east of our firm. Go south on Front St until you reach Dundas St and then go east. It will be on your left. You can reach a Tim Hortons and a Subway on foot in under 10 minutes from either our officers or the Quinte Courthouse. From our firm go west past the courthouse to James St. Take James St south to Colborne St and turn right. Follow Colborne St and you’ll see both Subway and Tim Hortons. Don’t forget that food and drink is not permitted in the courtroom itself.

  • If I need to make a payment what methods of payment does the Quinte Court House accept?

    They accept cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, cheque and money order for payment.

Some of Our Recent Criminal Law Cases From Belleville

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Case Study: Sexual Assault – Withdrawn

The charge of sexual assault was withdrawn after there were extensive negotiations with the Crown Attorney’s office.
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resist arrest withdrawn

Case Study: Charges Withdrawn – Resist Arrest, Assault Police Officer

We did not want to put our senior client through the stress of a trial. We got both charges withdrawn and our client kept his spotless criminal record.
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