“On November 16th, 2010 I made a call to Richard Aitken’s office, not knowing what I was up against for a charge that I truly did not understand.

It was the best call I have ever made! The prompt service was absolutely amazing in regards to my questions, as well the availability to help me in a prompt matter. Once I made the call they were right there the same day to give me advice as to what was best. They were acting on my behalf the very next day in court for a bail hearing.

Being that it has never happened to me before, I had many questions in regards to my charges. I was very confused, upset to say the least, anxious to find all the answers to all of my questions.

They re-assured me that they would do their very best. There was a lot of information needed from me, many different appointments in order for them to understand my defence.

I had many different court appearances to attend and they always made sure I was not facing any of them alone.

When it is your first time contacting a lawyer for charges against you, you become extremely anxious. I had to put all my trust into them in which was extremely hard since it was my first time facing this. Throughout the months awaiting trial, Richard had advised me that an articling student would be helping with the file. Again I became extremely nervous wondering how things would end. My case was then handed to Richard along side. As we awaited trial for almost a year, this team worked hard to prove my innocence, until almost the very last week before trial. It was then that all of my anxiety came out in tears as they called me in to the office to announce that all my charges had been dropped. This case was a very tricky case in many senses. Leaving the matter in their hands left me with the most satisfaction, appreciation and trust in this firm. They all have lots of patience including their secretaries. Any questions you may have, no worries, they will answer them the best they can. Believe me if anyone has tested them on questions it would have to be me. They are understanding about payments, as long as you make an effort to pay every month. They are here to help you; that is what they do. That being said, they do need to be paid for their services which are very well priced.

If anyone reading this is unsure what law firm to use when looking for a team to represent them, I highly recommend you put your trust into this firm. They have touched my life in more ways than I could ever put in words.

All the best. You won’t regret taking my advice!!” -M.G.