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impaired driving

Drinking and Driving (Impaired Driving)

In Aurora, driving while impaired by alcohol or with a blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit, is a criminal offence. (Driving while impaired by anything is a criminal offence.) If convicted, fines, possibly jail time, loss of driving licence, and other penalties will result.

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sexual assault charges

Assaults and Threats

An assault is a criminal offence that involves applying force intentionally, directly or indirectly, to another person without that person’s consent. Accosting or impeding another person, or begging, while openly carrying a weapon or an imitation weapon, is also an assault.

A subset of assaults is the offence of uttering threats which is committed when someone knowingly utters, conveys or causes any person to receive a threat: to cause death or bodily harm; to burn destroy or damage property; or, to kill poison or injure an animal belonging to any person.

The various types of assaults include:

sexual assault

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault is an act of violence against a family member or a significant other. Domestic assault is differentiated from common assault, as there is a “breach of trust” between the victim and the accused. If convicted, you can face probation, fines, or imprisonment.

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ontario domestic assault charges

Sex Assault

Sex assault is a major offence. Besides unwanted sexual intercourse, activities that may constitute sexual assault may include touching or groping someone in a sexual manner without consent. If convicted, significant penalties will ensue including mandatory registration in the national sex offender registry.

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internet crimes

Internet Crimes

Internet crimes in Aurora are offences that occur online. Tablets, computers, smartphones and other technological instruments are typically used to commit these crimes. Internet crimes include revenge porn, child pornography, and cyber-bullying.

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Child Sex Crimes

Child Sex Assault

Child sex assault involves using force, intimidation, deception, and coercion to make a child perform sexual acts. If an accused is found guilty, significant penalties will result, including mandatory registration in sex offender registries.

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Bail Hearings in Ontario

Bail Hearings

For some offences, the accused person will not be released from the station to await the outcome of the case in court, but will instead be held in custody for a bail hearing. The bail hearing will determine if the accused person can remain at liberty while the case is processed by the criminal justice system. Not getting released on bail means remaining in custody while the case is working its way through the court process. You only get one shot at a bail hearing.

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stunt driving

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving in Aurora, as elsewhere, is a criminal offence. The offence is more correctly called “Dangerous Operation” and results when someone operates a vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public. The consequences of dangerous driving may involve licence suspension, imprisonment, and other penalties.

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suspended liscence

Driving While Prohibited

Driving while prohibited in Aurora, or driving while disqualified, means driving after being prohibited from doing so by a criminal court. (The prohibition usually also triggers a provincial driver’s licence suspension). Such a prohibition on driving (and licence suspension) would result from a conviction for a criminal driving offence. A conviction for driving while prohibited will result in an increased period of prohibition and licence suspension and probably some not insignificant jail time.

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drug charges


Drug charges would involve the supplying, importing, exporting, growing, manufacturing, trafficking or possessing of those substances listed in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). The CDSA lists both hard and soft drugs, including heroin, cocaine, “magic mushrooms,” marijuana (in quantities above a certain amount) as well as other substances including precursors to listed drugs. If convicted on a drug charge in Aurora, you will face penalties that may include imprisonment.

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In criminal law, a “breach” is a violation of a condition in a probation order or in a form of release pending the outcome of a case (bail or undertaking/recognizance). A breach itself constitutes an additional criminal offence and generally results in serious penalties.

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weapon charges


There are many types of weapons offences as the use of firearms in particular is highly regulated in Canada. Besides the more obvious offences such as using firearms to harm others or possessing illegal firearms, there are also offences that capture the unsafe handling of legally owned firearms. Other objects are also classified as weapons as for example brass knuckles or flick knives. An item that may have a perfectly legitimate use, such as a knife, can in some circumstances be considered a weapon. Convictions for weapons charges in Aurora, and elsewhere in Ontario, usually result in severe penalties.

break and enter

Break and Enter and Property Crimes

Break and enter in Aurora, and elsewhere in Ontario is the act of breaking and entering into a place with an intent to commit an indictable offence or actually committing an indictable offence in the place they have entered. Property crimes are criminal acts against another person’s property such as vandalism, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

young offenders

Young Offenders

In Canada, criminal offences committed by young people under the age of 18, are dealt with under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA). While the offences with which young people under 18 can be charged are the same as for adults, the processes of the criminal justice system and the potential consequences, are different for young people.

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criminal lawyers in Aurora

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At our law office, what matters to you matters to us. Therefore, we aim to build the strongest case possible to seek the best outcome possible for your particular situation.

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Court Information for Criminal Offences in Aurora

In Aurora, criminal charges are heard at the Newmarket Courthouse. It is located at 50 Eagle Street West. The hours of operation here are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm.

The parking on site here is free, and there are plenty of spaces available. However, alternative parking such as Park Wise Discount Parking is also available. It is a 10-minute drive from the courthouse or a 42-minute walk. This is an option as onsite parking tends to fill quickly.

If you are at this location and are looking for somewhere to eat nearby, here are some suggestions:

  • Union Chicken, offering chicken served in a variety of ways alongside sides such as mac and cheese
  • The Goulash House, providing dishes from Hungary and neighbouring regions
  • The Luna Ristorante, an Italian restaurant serving dishes such as penne vodka and other similar dishes.

Looking For a Criminal Lawyer in Aurora?

auroraAurora has a rich history, and it stems from when Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe extended Yonge Street to Holland Landing in 1793.1 After its extension, homes, merchants, and postmasters arrived in Aurora. The first merchant was Richard Machell, who established his business at the crossroads of Yonge and Wellington, which became known as Machell’s Corners.

Charles Doan, another well-known businessman, operated at Machell’s Corners as a postmaster and eventually a reeve. Doan played a significant role in naming the town Aurora.1 As the years progressed, Aurora began booming with businesses, churches, schoolhouses, and more residents in a short period.

Various industries migrated to Aurora before its expansion halted. However, its proximity to Toronto eventually improved its attraction and led to a boom in the development of suburbs.1

While parts of Aurora still reflect its agricultural roots, it also contains significant business interests, as for example, Magna International, which is one of the largest companies in Canada. Some of Aurora’s historical landmarks are Yonge Street in the historical downtown area, The Hillary House and Koffler Museum of Medicine, and Horton Place.

What Types of Crime Occur in Aurora?

aurora crimeAurora, Ontario, has been admired for its relatively low crime rate. Some residents have contributed their opinions to online polls and there is a common concern amongst those who have provided their opinions on or Regarding crime in this city, the greatest concern arises from the perception that crime has been on the increase in the past three years.2

The statistics provided by suggest that the crime rate in Aurora is 53% lower than Canada’s national average crime rate.3  However, although the crime rate appears to be low, crime does still occur in Aurora.

According to news articles, property break-ins, gun crimes, sexual assaults, vandalism, domestic assaults, child porn, and many other crimes have occurred in Aurora. Most recently, a crime story that has gripped Aurora, concerns a family doctor accused of committing sexual assault on several occasions.4 

How Does Population Affect Crime in Aurora?

Based on research and various analyses, population and crime have a close relationship. Scholarly reviews have indicated that places with large populations are more susceptible to crime. However, other factors such as age, educational level and other elements also have their influence.

It has been suggested that cities with over 25,000 people have a higher crime rate than those with a much smaller concentration of people.5  Therefore, comparing Aurora’s population to a much larger city such as Toronto should illustrate this theory. Toronto’s population consists of over 2.93 million people compared to Aurora’s population of just over 55,000 people.

When comparing Toronto’s crime rate to Aurora’s, you can see that Toronto’s is substantially higher. indicated that Toronto’s crime rate is 31% lower than the national average,7  whereas Aurora’s was 53% lower.6  These figures suggest that crime in Aurora arises far less than in Toronto.

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