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Charge(s): Domestic Assault, Possession of a Weapon for Dangerous Purpose (Knife) and Breach
Location: Kingston, Ontario
Our Client(s): Ms. L
Year: 2020
Lawyer: Virginia Dolinska
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Please Note: Past results not predictive of future results.

The Background

Our client, Ms. L, was a young university student with a history of mental health due to past trauma. Unfortunately, due to Ms. L’s past she would self-harm and pick up knives when she found herself in difficult personal situations. One day she got into a physical altercation with her partner. Knives were involved, however not used in the assault itself. The altercation started in Ms. L’s apartment upon a visit from her boyfriend and it spilled out into the backyard where it was witnessed by two concerned citizens. Ms. L was charged with an assault against her partner as well as possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. Soon after, Ms. L was additionally charged for communicating with the complainant and attending his residence.

The Goals

Ms. L found herself in a very difficult situation at the time of the incident and had a hard time coping with her personal affairs. Our goal was to resolve her matter without a criminal record.

The Strategy

Upon discussing Ms. L’s matter with the Crown Attorney, the plan was to have Ms. L address her mental health and past trauma. We linked our client with a specialized mental health court worker and facilitated communication between various mental health professionals. Ms. L was supported in her journey to better herself by our office while at the same time working towards a resolution of her criminal charges.

The Results

Ms. L’s charges were withdrawn by way of a mental health diversion and a peace bond. Although it took time and effort, our client was very happy with the resolution of her matter.


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