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The Ontario criminal lawyers at Aitken Robertson law firm provide real solutions to defend all criminal charges & impaired driving (DUI, DWI) in Oshawa, TorontoNewmarket, Peterborough, Kingston, Markham and otherwise in Ontario, and at all court levels.

Criminal Law Firm Team
Criminal Law Firm Team
Criminal Lawyers and Paralegals

We use a unique team approach in which all of our Ontario criminal lawyers play an active role in each case at Aitken Robertson law firm. We believe that when a person is charged with a criminal offence, they deserve to be represented by lawyers who will provide a vigorous defence. Each case is evaluated individually and every available resource is used to try and achieve the most favourable outcome for you. Having our pool of talent of seven lawyers working on your file gives you six unique perspectives and still at the cost of a single lawyer. Each file is given considerate individual care and attention.

Aitken Robertson recognizes the cost incurred and provides flexible fee arrangements. In some instances Legal Aid Certificates are considered.

At Aitken Robertson our criminal lawyers firmly believe that an exhaustive investigation by quality experts is indispensable.

“A thorough investigation is usually the difference between a guilty verdict and a not-guilty verdict or non-favourable plea bargain agreement and a favourable plea bargain agreement,” says Richard Aitken.

It is during this time of thorough investigating that Aitken Robertson will discover evidence that would be used in any prosecution. Your case will be reviewed for possibilities to exclude police evidence or dismiss of the Crown Attorney’s case for legal or technical reasons. Also, we ensure your rights and freedoms as provided by the Charter were not violated.

During all stages our lawyers stay in contact with you, having convenient office hours and returning phone calls promptly. We will appear in Court on your behalf so you do not miss time at work. We understand that having a good lawyer also means that we carry out the lawyer’s role as a counselor and advisor, especially when a client has had no experience with the criminal justice system. Once completed, whether it is a long jury trial, a plea bargain agreement or a complicated appeal, you will know that you have had a diligent and dedicated team representing your interests.

“Each client will receive our individual attention and our best possible defence,” said Aitken. “Our job is to attack the Crown Attorney’s case from all sides so we can make reasonable doubt in the mind of the Judge or Jury – leading you to having the charge dropped or dismissed.”