Following this advice may help you in the long-run if charged with Domestic Assault.

If you are charged with assault on your partner in the Durham Region then there are several things you should not do:

  1. Do not provide the police with a statement as to what happened. The reason you do not want to provide a written or video statement is because you may, unknowingly, make an admission of guilt. Also, what you say to the police may be used against you. You may believe that you are getting your version of the events out to the police but rather what you end up doing is hurting yourself in defending your case. It is best not to provide a statement to the police about the
  1. Do not speak to the complainant. Almost in all cases, a typical term of your release from custody, should you be fortunate to be released, is to not have any contact or communication, either directly or indirectly, with the complainant in the matter. Indirect contact means you cannot tell a third person to communicate a message to the
  1. Do not attend the place of residence of the complainant. Another common term of release from custody is that you will be removed from your former residence until your matter is dealt with in the Oshawa courthouse, which is located at 150 Bond Street East in the city of Oshawa. If you change your residence after you are release from jail, you must notify the Durham Regional Police Service of your change of address within 24
  1. Do not attend any place of residence, employment, education, worship or any other places the complainant is known to be. If you have personal belongings at your former residence and would like to retrieve them, then we at Aitken Robertson can help you get a variation of your term so that you may be allowed to attend your former residence, on one occasion and in the company of a uniformed Durham Regional Police Service officer(s), to collect your personal
  1. Do not possess any firearm, cross-bow, prohibited weapon, restricted weapon, prohibited device, ammunition, prohibited ammunition, explosive substance, or any other weapons. If you have possession of any firearms then you must surrender them immediately to the Durham Regional Police, including surrendering any authorization, license, or registration certificate or other documents enabling the acquisition or possession of a firearm. This is a very common term placed on your release from Should your matter get resolved and you are someone who does possess firearms for the purpose of employment (i.e. military) or for hunting purposes then we at Aitken Robertson can negotiate with the Durham Crown Attorney to remove this term.

If you have any questions about your release terms or assistance in getting your terms changed, we at Aitken Robertson can help you.  If you are charged with domestic assault, or any other charges, in the Durham area, we at Aitken Robertson will help you through your case. Richard Aitken,  Jay Nadarajah, Justin Marchand, Jordan Tekenos-Levy and the other lawyers at Aitken Robertson criminal law firm have many years of successfully defending clients throughout Southern Ontario.